You as a council and therefore with a great influence could contact the adms of Polish wikis with a large number of users such as those in WAM and those that are administered by users you know to create a unified server, block that will attract more and more wikis. In case a vandal occurs to affect these wikis they can help each other. Apart from that with a mega partnership it is easy to divulge like this, You could call yourself CCP or confederation of Polish communities. The project can also be implemented in other languages ​​as well. To get everything organized the wikis will have a certain autonomy including a discord channel for each one inside the server. We would also have special units like the CCV or command to hunt the vandals to keep everything in order until the authorities arrive. Including a special unit inside the CCV known as the renegades to infiltrate in the middle of the vandals and to obtain information. One of the principles of CCP and its variants would be the slogans liberty, equality and society or in other words democracy, as voting for the choice of adms and mods, for impeachments and other things. We must always support full and direct demo racia including helping to lay down cruel tyrants and depostatas who are abusing the power and banning who demonstrates against, we must support votes that will help eliminate these tyrants. We must use any method within the terms of use for this as boycotts and polls. We can never encourage acts that violate terms of use such as vandalism, plagiarism or voting fraud. We must always meet what the community wants and everyone has the right to vote. We must inaugurate the Platinum Age as the era of reinvention and democracy, where all who want good are welcome. I'm in favor of things like a wiki for a theme and freezing the anonymous editions because I think we should keep everything in order and stable and everyone needs an account to socialize. Everything organized in a bureaucratic but efficient way. I also support things that encourage users to edit like Cashs, Points and HeroWiki. I also support the use of sanctions against dangerous dictatorships although only in the last case. Above democracy we must value the well-being of users and stability. Government and people must be one, one power. I also support the creation of a court to decide whether a user is guilty or not, with extremely high popular participation. In case of too many fakes, checkyser should help prevent voting fraud. We can not accept impunity from anyone.

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