Hello, I would like to apologize for the last time, I confused the languages when it comes to doing the topics. This time I'm in English. The content was: Hello my dear friends. I want to present to the North American community a project that Brazilian users had a few years ago and that still exists there only weaker than before because the br community is being abandoned. The project is here: Although some wikis also have their own file wikis. I also have another project of the Brazilian wiki to present to you: This server interwiki no longer exists but some users imitated the idea by creating the Discord Fandom that I already suggested in a blog of mine (deleted in central in Spanish): (American users can also enter Brazilian I personally find a good idea since too many servers for each wiki spend a lot of internet. Some br wikis no longer wanted to know about interwiki servers like SUW and SWW or discord in general as fnaf, brazilians. Tell me what you think of these ideas. I really think the projects of a server in the discord for various wikis and a wiki to tell the story of different wikis and their users are a good thing. It would be a great way to increase the links between all the different wikis so that they can build mutual aid alliances which can be useful in case of vandal attacks and trolls. I want to get the ideas that I have presented here and another that I remember recently and also found interesting and very good from the Brazilian point of view although the project has never gone ahead because its author is busy helping Wikipedia: h These are ideas that although they have fallen in the Brazilian community can work well in international communities and help us to build a more united and centralized Fandom Powered by Wikia and at the same time give more and more users and wikis, and promote a greater interaction. Although most of these projects will be volunteered or done by the users themselves it would be nice if the support team as the staffs gave moral support after all your opinion matters a lot to us all. In addition to the ideas presented in the post by the (banned Central American chat) ClockWork217 raised globally also suggest the idea of a recovery program to vandals to help users with a past equal to or worse than mine but who also redeemed themselves and resigned to fakes, respecting the current blockades in wikis without outline or mockery, whether local or global. We want to help the former vandals to be better users, maybe even future adms or FANDOM volunteers. I would also like to know why at the moment only the Chinese central has a leaderboard and if there is a Turkish central once there is a Turkish community and in which countries Wikia is present.

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